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Getting Ready for Nationals with Fran Davis

Well it is that time of year to get ready for “The Nationals” in Fullerton, CA. How does one prepare for such a prestigious event? I would think you are in decent tournament shape as you had to play in “The Regional’s” to qualify for this tournament.

Let’s see what Rocky Carson and Taylor Knoth will do to aggressively prepare for this tournament so they can achieve their goals of winning in their respective divisions, Rocky in the Pro division and Taylor in the US Team Qualifying division.

Both of these players have had very successful seasons thus far with Rocky holding solid as the #2 IRT Pro Player as he has been in 9 straight finals to end the regular season and Taylor coming off tremendous wins at the 2011 National Intercollegiate Championships and winning both the 2010 Jr. National and World Championships in the Boys 18 & Under.

Racquetball Skills

2 days a week drilling- Both Rocky and Taylor have THEIR OWN specific shots, serves and return of serves they will drill in order to sharpen their championship game based on review of their games live and in our video analysis sessions.

2-3 days a week playing- Playing will keep their game sharp for the tournament as we are within 5 weeks of the event. The games will vary with people slightly below their level to sharpen their skills they are working on up through the toughest of competition in their area (NOT playing ANY of their competitor), but then within 3 weeks of their event they are playing “tournament tough games”.

***You can see their exact Training Schedules in my book Championship Racquetball.

Conditioning Skills

2 days a week footwork drills

2 days a week core training

These non-hitting training drills are going to make them explode to the ball faster and get them in position quicker to allow them to rip the ball generating a tremendous amount of pace with consistency…the “name of the game”.

***You can find these exercises and more in my book, “Championship Racquetball“.

Mental Toughness

5-7 days a week visualize- Remember, “Visualization”, is the # 1 mental toughness tool to mentally rehearse your techniques and game strategies (discussed in-depth in September 2010 Newsletter . Rocky and Taylor believe in it wholeheartedly and will continue to increase both the # of times per week as well as the # of minutes per session.

7 days a week affirmations-“Affirmations” are positive personal statements that you will add to your images of what you want to create on the court. For example, I feel great today! I am a quick, talented, and fearless player! These sentences imprint the positive images even deeper. These affirmations bring the future into the now. Your mind will believe whatever you put in it as long as your belief system agrees. Therefore put what you want in your mind, and remove what you don’t want.

***Visualization and Affirmations can be found in my book Championship Racquetball.

Rocky and Taylor’s “Championship Racquetball Games” and their success at The National Championships stems from their belief in the Sports Triangle (Racquetball Skills, Conditioning Skills, and Mental Toughness). They know without a shadow of a doubt that ALL 3 sides of the triangle must be present and working together to reach their potential NO MATTER what.

Next issue I will continue to build your Championship Racquetball Dream House one level at a time so be ready to become the champion you always dreamed of being. Now you have the tools to get started and make it a reality.

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Championship Racquetball” Sports Triangle….Tips from the Coach!

By Fran Davis –

Hall of Fame 2004; Racquetball Woman of the Year 2009

Coach #2 IRT’s Pro Player, Rocky Carson; #1 Women’s Pro Player, Paola Longoria; and Taylor Knoth, 2011 National Intercollegiate & Jr. World Champion

Master Professional Instructor/Coach USAR-IP; For more details on Fran’s Resume visit

IRT.  International Racquetball Tour.