Sudsy Monchik at Ektelon Nationals

Five-Time #1 Sudsy Monchik Returns to Pro Racquetball

Bordentown, NJ – Ektelon announced today that five-time #1 player in the world Sudsy Monchik, will return to play the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) in the 2011-2012 IRT season. Monchik, a native of New York, will kick-off his return “in his own backyard” during the Cactus Salon NYC Pro/Am, an IRT Tier 1 event in Syosset, New York on Thursday, January 12th.

Monchik, who officially retired from professional racquetball in 2006 due to a back injury and to start up his own business, recently returned to the sport when he signed a long term agreement with Ektelon in April 2011. Monchik’s role with the company so far has been to consult the Ektelon Management and Promotions team and to make appearances on behalf of the brand at various events nationwide. He has been extremely visible on the IRT Network as a regular commentator and played a key role in Ektelon activities and television commentating at the Ektelon Nationals in May 2011. His re-emergence on the scene at the age of 38, which included playing Doubles at last year’s US Open, will now include additional forays back onto the court and playing select IRT events.

Monchik first signed with Ektelon in 1983 and is known as one of the greatest players of all time. His impressive list of titles includes finishing the IRT season as the #1 ranked player in the world five-times, a feat accomplished by only three other legendary players and winning every junior age division on his way to the pro tour. Monchik is known for his colorful personality and had a flamboyant and aggressive game style during his historic run. His return to the IRT promises to create a new buzz at every event he plays in this season.

Ektelon Vice President, Scott Winters has seen Monchik play his entire career starting with National junior events when he was 10 years old and was instrumental in getting him back and involved with racquetball last year. “It’s very difficult not to get too excited about Sudsy’s return to pro racquetball after seeing him play for so many years like I have,” commented Winters. Winters goes on to say that “we really don’t consider Sudsy’s comeback a full plunge back on to the tour yet as he will start developing his game while playing part time during the first half of the year. I think players who have not seen Sudsy play will be amazed at some of the shot making skills they will see on court and we know his energy and personality will make an immediate positive impact for Ektelon and on fans and players at every event”.

Ektelon is extremely proud to have former #1 Ruben Gonzalez also playing on tour this season, who is making a run for a top 10 spot on the IRT ranking charts by the time he retires this Fall at the age of 60 years old. Winters explains, “The fact that we will have two of the top legendary names of the sport competing at IRT and top National events this season is truly amazing. There is no doubt that there is something to the Ektelon products we keep coming out with which allows players to compete at the top level of the game and extend their careers as long they want”.

Ektelon Promotions Manager, Aimee Ruiz, a seven time Open National Doubles Champion and current US Team Member, is excited to see Monchik’s return to the court this year. Ruiz experienced Monchik’s skill set first hand during a Mixed Open Doubles match at the US Open last year and was amazed at some of the shots he was able to hit. “I haven’t seen backhand splats and forehands hit with that much pace in a long time,” commented Ruiz. I can’t believe after not playing competitively for over five years that he can still hit shots like he was making against us during the match. In my opinion, Sudsy definitely showed that he still has the skills to play with and beat the best players in the world. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing him in action. We know his matches will draw large crowds of spectators and we can’t wait for the Sudsy Show to begin!”

Monchik’s playing schedule will include at least six IRT Tier 1 stops, National Doubles, Ektelon National Singles, WOR Nationals and the US Open. Stay tuned for further developments on Sudsy Monchik’s comeback plans and results at or

About Sudsy Monchik

Born October 12, 1974 in Staten Island, New York, Sudsy Monchik turned professional in 1994. During his first season on the IRT Sudsy won his first professional title in June, by capturing the season ending Pro Nationals.

Accomplishments –

-5 Time Professional World Champion/Year End # 1 Ranked Player in the World

-4 Time U.S. Open Champion

-Over 50 Professional Titles

-6 Professional Doubles Titles

-Pan American Games Gold Medalist

-Only player in history to win every age division in singles and doubles in Junior Nationals.

(Age Group Divisions – 8,10,12,14,16 and 18’s)

-10 Junior World Titles

-National High School Champion

-National Doubles Champion

-Olympic Festival Gold Medalist

-Inducted into the Staten Island, NY Sports Hall of Fame

About Ektelon

Based in Bordentown, New Jersey, Ektelon is a division of Prince Sports, Inc. Ektelon has enjoyed the longest, most successful reign of dominance in the sport of racquetball. Ektelon’s heritage includes some of the top players in the sport’s history including former No. 1 players Mike Yellen, Dave Peck, Ruben Gonzalez, Sudsy Monchik, Rhonda Rajsich, Rocky Carson, Paola Longoria. In addition, Ektelon has introduced more revolutionary technologies and programs to the sport than any other company. Ektelon innovations include oversized racquetball racquets, the Racquet Taper System (RTS), Power Ring® racquets and Total Racquet Customization, VisionGrip and O3 among others. For more information please contact us at 800-283-2635 or log onto our website at