Cochabamba Becomes The Players Village For the Week

March 27, 2019 – “Today is day two of our trip. Matches started at 11am and continued through 7pm. The draw in this tournament is deep and there are a lot of South American players entered that we don’t normally see on the IRT. Combined with the altitude of a little over 8,000 feet, it made for some entertaining matchups early on. The ball was flying. In my first match, I played Gustavo Medrano Michel, a lefty from Tarija, Bolivia. He played tough, but I was able to win in two games. After that, I went back to the hotel for a little bit to rest, then back to the club for my next match. I played Carlos Keller, who is the current Pan Am champ and one of Bolivia’s top players. I ended up losing in a tiebreaker. Honestly, I’m disappointed with my results. But looking back, it was still a cool experience. The seats were packed and the fans were very into the match. It made for an exciting atmosphere.

After all the matches ended, we went back to the hotel to shower up and head to dinner with the tournament sponsors. We had dinner at Kansas Grill and Bar, which is a very nice restaurant here in Cochabamba. The dinner was very nice. After we ate, the tournament organizers spoke for a little. They were speaking in Spanish, but from what I gathered, they were talking about how much effort they’ve put into the tournament and how glad they are to have the IRT here in Bolivia. I know I can speak for all the players when I say we’re excited to be here and we really appreciate the great hospitality they are providing us. Anyways, that’s all for today. Tomorrow should be a good day with a lot of good racquetball!”

– Thomas Carter, IRT Pro Player