Arbuckle Media Joins The IRT

August 20, 2018. Washington, MO- The Tour continues to add new partners during its off-season and is proud to announce its newest addition: Arbuckle Media.

Arbuckle Media, an award-winning digital branding and marketing agency based out of Nova Scotia, has partnered with The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) in an effort to increase the accessibility of the sport to all fans. With the help of new emerging technologies, Arbuckle Media aims to get every racquetball fan, even the ones who don’t know they’re fans yet, more involved in all the action.

“Increasing the overall reach of the Tour to its’ audiences across the globe is something we want to help with,” Arbuckle said. “We also want to work on finding more ways to blend the “live” experience with the “online” experience. We have some ideas that we’ll be implementing this upcoming season.”

Joel Arbuckle, residing in Nova Scotia, started smaller scaled branding projects when he was in high school for some extra cash and some fun. By 2014, Arbuckle started Arbuckle Media and began working with bigger organizations on some larger scaled marketing and branding projects.

Arbuckle Media has worked, or continues to work, with over 50 different organizations, including an American non-profit service dog organization in Texas called Patriot Paws. Patriot Paws and their partner, the Texas Rangers professional baseball team hired Arbuckle Media to help spread word of Patriot Paws at the stadium.

Arbuckle contacted the Tour’s C.E.O., John Scott, after hearing Scott on the “Ask GaryVee Show”, hosted by ESPN Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Linda Cohn. Scott said after talking with Arbuckle, he realized that working together would be a good step in the right direction for the business of the Tour.

“Arbuckle Media will help grow our exposure of the Tour by taking over some of the social media duties as well as continuing to increase our viewership on our online platforms like the IRT’s site, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc..,” Scott said.

“Working with an organization that has great experience in the current market trends and digital media sals is of absolute importance to the Tour. We can’t grow the IRT without finding new opportunities to reach the masses.”

As part of the agreement with Arbuckle Media, the Tour will be going through a “re-branding” process, which includes a new IRT logo. Look for that new logo in the Tour’s August newsletter and get ready for the exciting changes happening around the fastest sport in the world!


Head Staff Writer:

Kelly R. Diesel