Rankings Update: Carson and Huczek Close the Gap

Waselenchuck in NYC Quarterfinals

#2 Rocky Carson and #4 Jack Huczek edged closer to #1 and #3 in the year-to-date rankings for the 2010-2011 IRT season. Only 274 points separate #1 Kane Waselenchuk from his closest rival and a mere 68 points stands between #3 Ben Croft and last Sunday’s champion, heightening tension as the players prepare for the Lawler Sport ProAm in Terre Haute, Indiana this weekend.  Click here to view the 2010-201 IRT rankings, total points, advantage (spread), season rank, and season points.

Season-to-date rankings, used in part to determine the seeding of players, are based on a rolling 12-month calendar of tournaments. Points earned from older tournaments are dropped and a player’s lowest score is deducted before new points are awarded.   Players earn a set number of base points for the last they round played during a tournament, with extra points possible for games won in a losing match, and a multiplier based on the tier level of the event.

During last year’s New York City IRT ProAm (1/18/10), Waselenchuk defeated Huczek for the championship after taking out Carson in the semifinals. Huczek played through Alvaro Beltran. Waselenchuk has not announced whether he’ll play next weekend.

#5 Chris Crowther and #8 Andy Hawthorne held on to their positions while Beltran, steamrolling his way back up the ranks after a knee injury, make it to #6 but lost ground to #9 after he sat out the NYC event with a hurt back. Jose Rojas and Shane Vanderson both enjoy a spot in the top 8 at #6 and #7. Vanderson enjoyed his first semifinal appearance since facing Rocky Carson during the IRT Network Open in St. Louis. Missouri last spring. Mitch Williams assumed the #10 spot after forfeiting his Round of 16’s match due to an injury.

Outside, Terre Haute temperatures may drop below freezing, but inside Indiana State University racquetball courts, the competition is heating up. Racquetball players and fans, watching live at www.IRTNetwork.com or in person, can take the chill out of winter by watching the IRT pros fight for the finish.