IRT Top Rankings 12-20-13

New Rankings Show ProKennex Players on the Upswing

IRT Top Rankings 12-20-13Rankings after the 2013 Rollout New Jersey IRT Open are in, with Kane Waselenchuk reclaiming #1, ahead of Rocky Carson by 166 points. IRT rankings follow a rolling, twelve-month calendar, and a number of lower scores are dropped (based on the quantity of events). Kane’s win earned him 400 points, replacing the 0 he collected after an injury kept him out of New Jersey in 2012.

The results of previous events also came into play as Rocky increased his lead over #3 Alvaro Beltran, with both players bowing out in the semifinal round. Carson’s overall record, however, helped him make up for the loss of point after those earned from his 2012 New Jersey win were replaced with his 2013 semifinal loss.

While Waselenchuk leads the ProKennex players, his teammate, Daniel DeLaRosa’s consistent quarterfinal finishes, combined with a semifinal appearance and reaching his first final has helped nudge him up the ladder to #6, overtaking Chris Crowther, now at #7. New #9 Marco Rojas is also making a bid for the top 8, eking ahead of #10 Jansen Allen by only 27 points.

The number of different pros clashing for titles brings a particularly compelling finish as the Tour breaks for the holidays, according to IRT President, Jason Mannino. “The season is shaping up nicely, with multiple Tier 1 champions, Kane adding to his already impressive U.S. Open and tournament victories, Rocky sitting in the number 1 slot (even though his stint was short), and lots and lots of exciting matches. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead in what is sure to be an interesting back half of the season.”

January brings critical mass to the race for ranking points with three Tier 1 tournaments in the first three weekends of the year. Claiming a Top 8 finish is particularly important, as these pros will be among those invited to compete in the 2013-2014 IRT season ending tournament, the  ProKennex Tournament of Champions, May 15-18, which caps the 2013-2014 season at the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC), 1849 SW Salmon St. Portland, in Oregon.