Michael D. Aguas partners with the IRT

Washington, MO, Sept. 6, 2017- The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) is proud to announce a new addition to their partners, Michael D. Aguas. For eight years, Aguas has held the Managing Director position at the The National Life Group, the third oldest life insurance company in the country, which was, originated in 1848.

Aguas has recently decided to make a personal investment in both the IRT and two professional IRT players, Rocky Carson from Ladera Ranch, CA and Jansen Allen from Dallas, TX.

I have been friends with Rocky for nearly 15 years,” Aguas said. “I have chosen to partner with him and Jansen Allen because, like many of the pros on tour, they are outstanding people who walk with integrity and are doing their share to grow the sport.”

Aguas decision to invest in the Tour came after speaking with IRT CEO, John Scott.

“After speaking with John Scott at Rocky Carson’s recommendation, I wanted to partner with the IRT,” Aguas said. “He (Scott) shared his vision to grow the tour, support the players and promote the sport.”

Scott said he believes the new partnership with Aguas is a great chance to help grow the sport of racquetball.

“We are not even to the start of the season and we already have two outside industry partners on tour, that’s a fantastic thing,” Scott said. “I’ve known Mike Aguas for a long time and his passion for the sport is great. He’s a very good businessman, and him wanting to partner with us just spells success for all involved.”

Aguas said the enjoyment of making new relationships and having the opportunity to lend support and help open doors is a big reason his investment was made. The other reason for his investment is his knowledge and success of helping business owners find large tax deductions that have often been overlooked.

“I’m not a CPA, but I spend much of my time teaching tax professionals about sections within the tax code that resonate with their valued clients,” Aguas said. “The racquetball community is filled with business owners who have tax burdens and it would be an honor to be a resource to them.”


Kelly Diesel

IRT Staff Writer