Leroy Neiman’s “Brumfield versus Hogan” for Sale

A piece of racquetball history, the “Brumfield versus Hogan” painting by American artist, Leroy Neiman, who famously created images from the world of sports until his death at 91 this month, is now available for purchase. Sketching live events, from the Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky World Chess Championship to Super Bowls, Neiman created a one-man industry of paintings, lithographs, drawings, watercolors, and coffee-table books that, like “Secretariat” purchased for upwards of $500,000, could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Brumfield versus Hogan” was commissioned by Louis Desantis to commemorate the opening of the first racquetball club in New York City. When approached, Neiman responded, “I’m doing Tom Seaver this week. Who are you again?” Desantis’ reply, “I’m the man with the money to requisition a painting” began their friendship and racquetball’s most memorable painting, copies of which are seen in homes and clubs throughout the world.

The asking price for “Brumfield versus Hogan” is $120,000, including 10 prints. Contact info@irt-tour.com if interested.