IRT FL Spring Break ProAm raises $6,500

THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO THE IRT AND  TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR KIM ROY for allowing us to be part of the spectacular IRT Florida Spring Break Pro-Am in Tampa. We were invited to hold an Online Charity Auction for Rapha House on site at the posh Harbour Island Athletic Club and Spa. Because of the generosity and caring of the players and fans we raised SIXTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS  for the Rapha girls who were rescued from trafficking.  (

Jason Mannino and the IRT, John Scott and the IRT Network, Kim Roy and her staff  were all amazing. Many of the greats in Racquetball, past and present donated autographed racquets and signed memorabilia which the fans bid on vigorously.  We had Ruben Gonzalez paintings, tons of sports equipment, player cards from the past, autographed clothing and gloves, all donated!  The exposure that we received on the IRT and the Spring Break websites gave the auction a huge kickstart.

We are especially grateful to John Scott and the IRT Network team. John has supported Rapha House personally and through the IRT Network from the first time we told him about it more than a year ago.  The exposure of being on the IRT Network, being interviewed by Sudsy, John, and Russ and the announcements that they made was invaluable.  It gave us the ability to reach 30,000 people and to tell them about the work Rapha House is doing. We have no other venue that can do that – racquetball has no other venue which offers that kind of exposure.

The best part was that the IRT and all the players were rooting for the Rapha girls.  Pros came to us and asked if they could do more or donate more.  Sudsy, Kane, Rocky, Ben, Jose, Alvaro, Anthony, Andy, and, of course, the IRT’s own Jason all said the same things  “I’m happy to help anytime.”  “What else can we do?”  Having worked on other auctions, this is unusual and extremely gratifying.  When it was announced on Sunday that we had reached $6500, the players and spectators all cheered and screamed – this was clearly a unified effort by all of them.

In Cambodia, a girl can go to college for around $400 a year. With the money raised by this IRT Event – Lives have been changed forever!


Dee & Sal Perconti