Ben Croft Announces Retirement: April Fools

Maybe we all should have seen it coming! The men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (IRT) #6 ranked pro, Ben Croft, and Racquetball Warehouse fooled many with their surprise videotaped press conference announcing Croft’s retirement from pro ball on April 1.

At the time, Ben stated, “I’ve accomplished the three goals I set out to accomplish when I started this game in 1996, and now it’s time to take my skillset to my other passions.”

About demonstrating alternate careers choices, including bodybuilder, ball boy, and caretaker (with attention deficit issues), he decided to stick with professional racquetball after all.

After the clip aired Croft said, “I had so many people contact me through text, call, email, Facebook, and Twitter saying they would miss me on tour that I actually felt bad for pulling the prank! I was expecting to get a lot of response, but not for people to actually believe it!”

Click Here to watch the Press Conference.