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Battle Caps 2013 ROLLOUT New Jersey Open

alt#4 Rojas had game, but not enough to keep #2 Waselenchuk from the Rollout NJ Open title: 6, 8, (2), 1. Click below to read how the matches played out. Streamed live on and archived in the

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The final: resutls

#2 Kane Waselenchuk d #4 Jose Rojas 6, 8, (2), 1

As the two Rollout New Jersey Open finalists took to the court, fans speculated whether Rojas would be able to repeat his early-season upset, when he took out the two top seeds for the Novasors Ghost of Georgetown title. Afterward the match, the perennial favorite and top seed, Kane Waselenchuk, questioned his own motivation. Not this time. He dispatched his first two matches in 18 and 22 minutes respectively. He came to New Jersey with an extra push to win, perhaps propelled by dropping to the #2 ranking after an injury forced him from the Garden City Kansas event.

At first, Rojas kept the score close, playing well and hitting hard. Waslenchuk caught fire at 6-6, notching 5 points in a row and extinguishing what had been Rojas’ good game, 11-6. In game two, It was much the same, except Rojas was ahead, 8-5, when Waselenchuk left Rojas behind. Waselenchuk took the second 11-8, although Rojas played well enough to win.

In the third game, Rojas caught fire and never looked back, leaving Waselenchuk  mumbling to himself as he lost his first game of the weekend, 2-11. The third game was the same in reverse, with Waselenchuk crushing the younger player, 11-1 for the match.

Even as Waselenchuk demonstrated that he arrived healthy and ready take back his #1 ranking, Rojas played well and with enough power to do more than give the 8-time World Champion headaches. Rojas had a game plan focused on drive serving and re-killing the return. It didn’t work this time. According to Kane, this wasn’t a statement match. He’d returned to the courts just wanting the win.

Semifinal Results

#4 Jose Rojas d #1 Rocky Carson (5), 8, (9), 4, 3

Game 1 started out like a typical Rocky Carson match, with the #1 seed playing his game. Jose turned it to take game 1, 11-5. The second game Carson came back, controlling the play for a win, 11-8. Game three was close with both competitors playing well, but Rocky took control to close it out, 11-9. Games 4 & 5 were all Jose, as Rocky skipped shots and was knocked out of his game plan after 2 penalty hinder calls with which he disagreed. Jose took the last two 11-4 and 11-3 for the tiebreaker and the match.

#2 Kane Waselenchuk d #3 Alvaro Beltran 9, 3, 6

Alvaro had opportunities the first game, as Kane had cooled considerably since yesterday. Alvaro couldn’t take advantage. Kane took game1, 11-9 and then came back in Game 3, performing in his usual style to win handily 11-3. In Game 3, again Alvaro had opportunities, with the two players tying the score at 5-5 before Kane scored several in a row and delivered ace serves to finish off the game 11-6.

Kane is looking forward to facing Jose Rojas, who handed the World Champion his first loss in three years by beating him in the Novasors Ghost of Georgetown season opener.

Quarterfinal Results

#2 Kane Waselenchuk v #7 Tony Carson 11-3, 11-3, 11-0

Expectations had Tony standing up to Kane, or at the very least pushing the 8-time World Champion, especially since Kane was coming off of an injury. Well, that wasn’t the case. Kane dispatched a disappointed Tony Carson 11-3, 11-3, 11-0 in 22 minutes. If you think that was fast, or even if that was some kind of record, you should have seen his match with Matt Majxner in the round of 16s. Majxner scored 2 points in the record setting 18-minute match!

#1 Rocky Carson v #8 Jansen Allen 6, 13, 2

Quite the opposite of the Kane match, the first two games took about an hour (Kane hasn’t been on the court that long for the entire tournament). Rocky took the first game 11-6, seemingly in control. But the second game was a dragged-out knockdown battle, with Rocky prevailing 15-13. Just when it looked like Jansen would not go down without a fight, Rocky put his pedal to the medal and ran out the third game 11-2.

#3 Alvaro Beltran v #6 Daniel De La Rosa 11-1, 11-3, 11-5

The battle of Mexico began with the old guard versus the new guard. Yoda vs. Luke, student taking on the teacher, and all that…. Playing for a packed house expecting a barnburner. They didn’t get it. Beltran showed that he’s not ready to release the Mexico crown, dispatching De La Rosa 11-1, 11-3, 11-5.

#4 Jose Rojas v #5 Chris Crowther 11- 4, 11-3, 11-6

Chris played well in the 16’s, and his serve’s power was off-the-charts. Although he hit the ball hard throughout the match, he was still unable to find his groove. Jose used both power and shot-making ability to prevail 11- 4, 11-3, 11-6

Round of 16

#1 Rocky Carson d #16 Fernando Rios 2, 0, 4

#2 Kane Waselenchuk d #18 Matthew Majxner 2, 0, 0

#8 Jansen Allen d #9 Marco Rojas (6), 5, 6, 7

#5 Chris Crowther v #12 Alex Ackermann

#13 Mauricio Zelada v #4 Jose Rojas

#3 Alvaro Beltran v #14 Charlie Pratt

#13 Andy Hawthorne v #6 Daniel De La Rosa

#7 Tony Carson d # 10 Jose Diaz 5, 2, (7), 8

Croft Injured; Pulls Out of Rollout New Jersey Open 

#5 ranked Ben Croft, vying for his first finals appearance after reaching the semifinals in two events the 2013-2014 IRT season, pulled out due to a shoulder injury. Read his statement and more about the 2nd Annual Rollout New Jersey Open by clicking below.

“I am very sad to announce I will not be attending the second annual ROLLOUT New Jersey Open due to a shoulder injury I sustained in Garden City a few weeks ago. I am disappointed I will not be playing in front of the great crowd in New Jersey, but I cannot risk furthering my injury which could have a serious impact on my career. I will be working tirelessly to work my body to health so I can be ready for the second half of the season. Good luck to everyone heading out East this weekend.”

The 2013 Rollout New Jersey Open

By Becky Wiese

The 2013 ROLLOUT New Jersey Open claims a unique position on the men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (IRT) schedule: since the beginning of Kane Waselenchuk’s domination more than three years ago, it will showcase four of the season’s Tier 1 tournament champions.

Anticipation for the Rollout New Jersey Open could hardly be higher. “We have some exciting opportunities in the pro ranks,” says Jonathan Clay, tournament director and President of Rollout, the leader in racquetball apparel found at and an official IRT Partner. “As of right now, there’s no one that’s not coming,” he says of the professional elite.

This fact sets up some intriguing scenarios. “This will be the first time Kane has played this tournament because he was injured last year, so it could be the first time he wins this title—and he won’t be the #1 seed. Of course, Rocky Carson did win last year, so he’ll be gunning to defend his title, as well as secure his hold as world #1. Of course, there is potential for Kane to take back the #1 rank if he wins it all.”

Add in the desire for another Tier 1 win by Rojas and Beltran, plus everyone else in the top ten who would like to take advantage of the unsettled top rankings, and you have a tournament director’s dream scenario: An exciting, go-for-broke, anything-can-happen buzz that feeds itself with every match.

All matches will be played at the Warren Health and Racquet Club in Warren, New Jersey, which features nine courts, five of which have glass back walls. “We have viewing from the top, plus the ability to have spectators on the floor; we’ll have a packed house watching the semis and final,” says Clay. Sanctioned through New Jersey Racquetball, the event includes an amateur tournament which runs concurrently, with the open singles semifinals taking place immediately prior to the pro final on Saturday night. “The Saturday night final is popular with both pros and spectators—the excitement builds all day,” he explains. Clay expects close to 200 players total.

Rollout, racquetball’s leading apparel company for both pro and amateur players, is the title sponsor. Clay, along with his staff including On Site Event Manager, Josh Ruperd, Assistant Event Manager Carolyn Becker, and support staff like Dan Riker and John and Michele Clay, is building on achievements from the inaugural event. After the success of the Rollout New Jersey Open tournament last year, Rollout launched a new division featuring event management for men’s and women’s professional racquetball and partnering with the IRT, LPRT, and USA Racquetball.

Clay, along with supporting sponsors and racquetball players, Alan Douglas CPA and Peter Holden, are focusing on bringing in local sponsors outside of racquetball to make this year’s event even better. They are supporting the local Toys for Tots campaign by asking players to bring toys to be placed under a tree for donation and they will also be auctioning off items, including two signed gallery prints of Kane Waselenchuk for the National MS Society.

The Rollout New Jersey Open promises to be an exciting, action-packed tournament for players and spectators alike. “If Kane is in the draw, the smart money is on him,” admits Clay. “But it’s not as sure a thing as it has been in the past.” A fact that can only add fuel to the desire to see great matches played by great competitors.