2017 Phase IV Scientific Health & Performance ProAm Opens 2017-2018 Season

Washington, MO, August 29, 2017 – The men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (IRT) is pleased to announce the first Tier 1 tournament of the 2017-2018 IRT season will be in Canoga Park, California. From September 7-10, the 2017 Phase IV Scientific Health & Performance ProAm Tournament will take place at the Bay Club Canoga Park.

The tournament will consist of IRT professional and amateur divisions in both singles and doubles. Matches will run from Thursday, Sept. 7 through Sunday, Sept. 10.

Registration for the 2017 Phase IV Scientific Health & Performance ProAm is open and players can sign up at http://www.r2sports.com/website/event-website.asp?TID=22036. The Top 8 players on Tour are expected to be competing in Canoga Park.  

Kane Waselenchuk, from Austin, TX, comes into the 2017-2018 IRT season as the #1 ranked player on Tour. Waselenchuk totaled 3,301.33 points in the seven events he played in from last year’s season. Following Waselenchuk is the #2 ranked player, Rocky Carson III, and the #3 ranked player, Daniel De La Rosa. Carson, from Landera Ranch, CA, totaled 2,954.79 points in nine events and De La Rosa, from Gilbert, AZ, totaled 2,262.13 points in eight events.

Former IRT player and current magician/comedian, Andy Gross, will be playing in the tournament and performing his off-court talents over the weekend. 

To catch the IRT Racquetball action, head to the Bay Club Canoga Park facility located at 22235 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, California.

Tournament Contact:

Cindy Tilbury



Tournament Director:

Wes Obana

International Racquetball Tour (IRT) Contact:

Kelly Diesel